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  • VBA Bulletin Cup – Updated with finals information


    VBA Bulletin Cup Winners

    David Thompson, Robert Fruewirth, Andrew MacReady-Bryan, David Beckett


    Neil Ewart, Simon Henbest, David Morgan, Di Smart


    VBA Bulletin Plate Winners

    Thilak Ranasinghe (Aka TP), Gordon McRobert, Ming Zhang, Chen Ding


    Maryanne Bird, Colin Jasper, Dianna Middleton, John Adams (Sub)

    Thanks to everyone for playing.


    Below are some documents that include important information regarding the VBA Bulletin Cup, which starts this Sunday (April 19th)

    The first is Dee’s vision for the tournament – please read to get the background – a huge thanks to Dee for organising this event

    All participants should read the self alerting document and all Captains should read the How to Create A Teams Match document

    Dee  Harley’s Vision for the event – Click here


    Self Alerting Procedures on BBOClick Here


    How to Create a Teams Match on BBOClick Here


    Results and Draw – Click Here to Open in New tab

    And Thanks to Jamies Angels for their sportsmanship in allowing a late entry  – READ HERE

    The next round must be completed by Saturday May 2nd

    Team Members

    Team No TeamName Captain  Team Members
    1 Get Smart Neil Ewart Simon Henbest, Di Smart, David Morgan
    2 Big Dills        Dave Thompson  Robert Fruewirth, David Beckett, Andrew Macready-Bryan
    3 JaKKaLs Jamie Ebery Kim Frazer, Kitty Muntz, Leigjh Gold
    4 Half-Baked Dee Harley Doug Newlands, Keith Kat, Brigitte Kat
    5 International Thilak Ranasinghe Gordon McRobert, Chen Ding, Ming Zhang
    6 Garb Sam Arber Richard Greenfield, Boris Tencer, George Gaspar
    7 School Sandpit Danny Sharp Stephen Sharp, David Roseman, Jeff Fust
    8 Jemm in the ruff Michael Phillips Meredith Woods, Eva Caplan, Jenny Thompson
    9 SYCN-EGLB Leo Saoud Gus Ghali, Victor Zhang, Mohamed Ghatwari
    10 SPeCK Chris Hughes Pauline Grodski, Stan Klofa, Kate Gullan
    11 Four Desperados Len Meyer Phyllis Moritz, Phillip Fent, Michael Chrapot
    12 APEA Andrzej Krolikowski  Andrew Kaszubski, Eva Samuel, Peter Hollands
    13 White Steven White Alf Brannicki, Ralph Berlinski, Frank Kovacs
    14 Collins Margaret Yuill Annette Maluish, Jeanette Collins, Andrew Mill
    15 The Battlers Christopher Leach  Chelliah Arul, Tim Legge, Michael Sullivan 
    16 Sanhedrin Shpielers   Les Ajzner   Paul Kron, Barry Rawicki, Simon Rose
    17 The Four Belles Jean Hall Franci Halmos, Penny Corrigan, Maggie Callander
    18 GoldDiggers Mary Allison Robyn O’Dell, Ismail Gulec, Bertha Dembo
    19 Hel’s Angels  Ruth Thomson Ngaamo Thomson, Helen Snashall, Gloria Peston
    20 Shaking Stephen Curtis Henry Josling, Kathy Radcliffe, Greg Nunn
    21 The No Hopers Greg Nicholson Jean Barbour, Frank Vearing, Margaret Copland
    22 Herded Cats Kim Hoff Belinda Lindsay, Jenny Hoff, Kay Leeton
    23 The Millettes Maryanne Bird Colin Jasper, Catherine Harris, Dianna Middleton
    24 Jamie’s Angels Rebecca O’Reilly Damon Flicker, Danni Fuller, John Wong
    25 The Youngsters Philip Young Lynda Young, Russell King, Myrna Saunders
    26 The Taylor Team Hannah Green Anna Field, Kevin Taylor, Marion Taylor
    27 GBC Patricia Frost Kathryn Graham, Anne Gunst, Alison Feiner
    28 Bendies Jane Keyte Neil Keyte, Sue Napper, Peter Burton
    29 Naughtin Jim Naughtin Marvin Pierce, Faye Ding, Molly Butcher
    30 JAREL Linda Lee Jennifer Blyton, rhonda Gude, Linda Johnson
    31 Dornoch4 Gavin Bailey Kirsten Bailey, Ken Anderson, Lyndy Anderson

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