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  • VBA Queens Birthday Online Congress

    As most bridge players would be aware, Melbourne remains in a Covid lockdown. These circumstances have forced the deferral of the Victor Champion Cup to late August, but mindful that many entrants to the VCC may still wish to play some bridge next weekend, the Victorian Bridge Association will run a two-day Queen’s Birthday Online Congress on Saturday, June 12th (Swiss Pairs) and Sunday, June 13th (Swiss Teams) using the RealBridge platform in face-to-face mode.

    The start time each day will be 10:00am.  Playing 6 x 9-board matches, the expected finishing time each day will be around 5:00pm. There will be a 30-minute break after the third match each day.

    Entry fees will be $60 per pair for the Swiss Pairs event and $120 per team for the Swiss Teams event.

    This is an open-entry congress, but players must be registered with myABF.

    Red master-points will be awarded at the Grade B4 level and around 30% of entry fees will be returned as prizes, in the form of bridge credits.

    Entry and payment (myABF Credits or credit card) will be via the myABF website: If you need help using myABF, please go to

    You will receive an email on Friday afternoon explaining how to join the event. This email will contain a link to the event – you should aim to join the event about 10 minutes prior to the start time (9:50am)

    For players not experienced with the RealBridge platform, please refer to

    Please direct all enquiries to the Organiser Andrew Macready-Bryan [email protected]
    We would love you to play in this event.

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