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  • Victoria Lockdown Feb 13th to 17th Inclusive

    As you will have heard from the Premier earlier today, Victoria will be, from midnight Friday, 12th February, in stage four lockdown until at least Thursday.

    This necessarily means that the VBA will be closed during this time.

    We currently have two evening competitions running which will be affected by the closure:

    Palfreyman Teams

    We are looking at alternatives to completing this event. As it is only a 3 week tournament, we have a couple of options available here, which may result in either a modified face to face format in the third week (if we are able to open), or running the event online for one or both of the next two weeks. We will contact players directly over the weekend about the outcome of deliberations here.

    Altman Swiss Pairs

    As this is a 4 week event, we have greater flexibility available to us. The most likely outcome is that we reduce the event to three weeks, resuming if possible on February 24th. We remind players, and the membership in general, that we do run a regular online IMPS session on Wednesday evenings and encourage you all to participate in this.

    Other sessions

    Of course, all of the live sessions at the club are now cancelled until we are permitted to re-open – hopefully on Thursday next week. This includes duplicates, supervised play and lessons.

    Hopefully these disruptions will not be extended beyond the current time frame – fingers crossed everyone! We will communicate again when we have more information.

    Please keep in mind all of our online offerings during this time.



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