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  • Youth Bridge Charity Event

    Youth Bridge Charity Event turns into Community Celebration

    On Wednesday the 20th of September, the VBA held a Youth Charity night to raise awareness and much-needed funds for Youth Bridge in Victoria. Despite the event taking place during the Jewish New Year, we were fortunate that the community has once again come together with a great attendance on the night. We were also delighted to receive donations such as the Bayside club providing a delicious fruit platter and other gifts from individual donors unable to attend.

    Enticing players with a Turbo session (18 boards), we finished early and had time to socialize, receiving words of wisdom  from the “Godfather” of youth bridge, Mr Andrew Mill (Milly), and also had a chance to meet some new friends and local traders Jack and Hanibaal.

    The night began with some wine tasting with Jack from Wines on Poath and at very short notice, Hanibaal from the charcoal chicken shop dropped in some beautiful wraps and hot chips. Other donations from local traders included $150 vouched from Andrew at Pivotal Health and Fitness, a $50 voucher from Joanna at the European clothing store Miss Ble Blu, $50 print voucher and 20 pens from Nisha at The Print place, six wines plus the tasting from Jack at Wines on Poath. One of the most popular prizes was a free duplicate session with our resident teacher and bridge player extraordinaire, Jamie Thompson … so we convinced him to do two!

    I would like to make a special thanks to Laura Ginnan and Peter Hollands who not only bought along some popular sausage rolls but as professional bridge players hired themselves out, with 100% going back to Youth Bridge. Their ongoing support for Youth Bridge continues after their time as youth players and both continue to make a big impact on bridge in Victoria.

    Finally, thanks to Christopher Leach for his ongoing support and ideas with education and marketing. We look forward to continuing to develop local relationships and making our clubhouse a real community hub.

    Bianca Gold

    (and a big thank you to Bianca for the great effort she made to make the night a real success)

    Thanks again to Hanibaal from Charcoal Chicken and Jack from Wine on Poath!

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