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Event: Swinging Teams (Real Bridge)
Dates: Mon: Dec 11, 18

You can enter players by entering a known ABF number (best) or by typing in some letters of the First Name and the Last Name.  When the system is searching DO NOT tab off the field or else the search will stop and not return a valid player. The search must be completed and all three fields filled by the entry system. Only entries with a valid ABF number will be accepted.  If you have a player in your partnership or team who doesn't exist in the database please complete your entry with all valid names and email the webmaster with details of the other player(s)



ABFNo First Name Last Name
Ply1 ABF/Name
Ply2 ABF/Name
Ply3 ABF/Name
Ply4 ABF/Name
Ply5 ABF/Name
Ply6 ABF/Name
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