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  • 2021 VBA Council

    2021 VBA Council Christopher Leach President Jenny Thompson Vice President David Morgan Vice President Kim Hoff Treasurer Councillors Belinda Lindsay Michael Phillips Helen Schapper Jan Van Riel Special Councillors: Derek Poulton Special Councillor for Northern Zone Richard Giles Special Councillor for Western Zone Andrzej Krolikowski Special Councillor Metro Zone

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  • BBO Games all Master-pointed from July 1

    All VBA hosted games on BBO will have master-point allocations from July. Please note that the entry fee to each of these games will be BB$3.00. The single exception will be Tuesday afternoon’s new player session.

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  • VBA Smartphone Calendar

    As we move further into the 21st Century we need to embrace the technologies which will enhance our bridge experience. One of these will be bridge calendars linked to Smartphones. Even on the road you will be able to easily get information which bridge games are being played plus where and when they are played. … Continue reading “VBA Smartphone Calendar”

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  • COVID-19 claims bridge!

    Bridge in Australia has come to a standstill. The ABF has recommended that all bridge clubs close, initially for a period of four weeks. In reality, the length of time for which this directive will apply will most likely be longer. Judging by the day to day evolution of this unpleasant saga, we could be … Continue reading “COVID-19 claims bridge!”

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  • Simon Hinge attains Emerald Grand Master

    In a career spanning 5 decades Simon Hinge has amassed over 10,000 masterpoints and has joined the elite Emerald Grand Master category – one of only 10 players to ever have achieved that extraordinary milestone. Simon was raised in country South Australia and learnt bridge as a child and commenced competitive play in 1977. He … Continue reading “Simon Hinge attains Emerald Grand Master”

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